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Cora Chinbuah The WorldMediaFestival - global competition for modern media is an international competition for audiovisual communications media. Founded in the year 2000 it has quickly risen to become one of the premier events in the business.

Today it is the forum for leading communications professionals from around the world. It is also the only forum of its kind in Europe. The initiator and organiser of the WorldMediaFestival is intermedia.

The concept of the WorldMediaFestival stands for more interaction. It is all about communications and information - and helps you, by talking to others, to establish where you stand in an increasingly complex media world quickly and in a practical way.

The Screening Day before the Award Presentation Ceremony together with our Professional Media Resource Centre gives you an unrivalled opportunity to see the work of other programme-makers - in other countries, with other techniques, on other subjects.

In addition, the social element of the Festival, that starts with the opening Get-Together in the evening of May 8 and concludes on May 9 after the Gala for the Award Presentation Ceremony with the Media Party, gives you the chance to meet and talk to other programme-makers, as well as those who commission the programmes.

Visit the WorldMediaFestival and be part of an unique gathering of media business professionals from around the world at the audiovisual industry's event of the year.

Celebrate the success of the year's award winner -
which naturally could include you! Please plan now to join in May 2007.
We look forward to meeting you. Sincerely,