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Cora Chinbuah is the owner of intermedia and also the founder and organiser of the WorldMediaFestival - global competition for modern media established in the year 2000.

intermedia is a highly specialised company handling audiovisual communications services for companies, associations, governmental and other, non-commercial organisations.

intermedia is concerned with sponsored informational, educational and public relations programmes. Our primary business is to achieve exposure of our client's programmes to a wide range of target audiences.

intermedia creates awareness of and demand for your programmes and positions them in terms of the users particular interests and needs.

If you have a programme in search of a target market and if you want to explore how best your programme can reach and communicate effectively to that audience . . .
please contact Cora Chinbuah at 49 (40) 43 80 85 or



You achieve more with intermedia's strategic co-operations and international networks:

Put your productions where the world can see it - with intermedia and INFORFILM INTERNATIONAL, the international distribution network for sponsored audiovisual informational and educational media. You will receive the services of selected, professional distributors, who know the markets in their own countries in detail.

Example USA: Cable TV Placements

Here's an example of the impact of cable television:

If your video receives 100 placements (our recommended minimum), it may be seen by 33.7 million potential viewers in 13.5 million estimated TV households. At 300 placements, it may be seen by 101.2 million potential viewers in 40.5 million estimated TV households.

Also offering production, distribution, monitoring of

Contact: inforfilm@inforfilm.com