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The Rules and Regulations are issued in German and in English.
In case of doubt the German version will be valid.

Please fill in the entry form very carefully.
Once the entry form has been submitted, any changes are not possible.

It is very important that you specify in detail the audience (target-group) the festival entry is intended for. The jury will attach special importance to the point, whether the festival entry has fulfilled its purpose by effectively communicating a message to the audience it has been produced for - as well as to the quality of the artistic and technical skills.

Please send your entries to:

01. Festival Entries
02. Labels
03. Rights of Use
04. Year of Production
05. Closing Date
06. Length
07. Language Versions
08. Formats
09. Fees
10. Registration and how to send
11. Winners Notification
12. Liability of the Festival
13. Miscellaneous


Multiple entries are invited. The same festival entry can be entered into different categories. However, it is obligatory

Series programmes in the same category will be accepted on one medium if not exceeding 120 minutes total running time.


Each festival entry has to be labeled with


By entering a festival entry the entrant declares, that he is entitled to dispose of all rights to the use of the entry and vouches for these rights vis-a-vis the festival. The entrant warrants that the rights of use held by all authors, owners of ancilliary copyrights and other parties involved in the production of the festival entry, except for the rights safeguarded by the performing rights societies, have been acquired in a due and proper manner and the exploitation of the festival entry is not barred by personality rights or other third party rights in any manner whatsoever.

When entering a festival entry the entrant transfers rights to the use of the festival entry, specifically the right to demonstrate the entry in public either in whole or in part or to distribute the entry in whole or in part on a "Festival Reel" or similar, to the festival. This also applies to stills/images provided to the festival. All aforementioned transfers of use shall be of worldwide validity.


All festival entries must have been produced after January 1, 2005.


All festival enries must arrive at the festival office latest by January 31, 2008.


For all festival entries maximum 120 minutes.


All festival entries can have any language version.

Non-English and non-German versions compete in the same categories together with the English and German versions. Programmes not produced in English or German language must have either:

More pages and/or full scripts are not accepted.


Entries must be sent as PAL CD-ROM (PC-compatible), DVD or VHS-cassette.

All festival entries must be clearly marked as described under 2. LABELS. Formats other than PAL are not accepted.

Photo CD: Together with the medium please also send CD - when possible - with significant stills/images from the programme to be used by the Festival for promotional purposes.


The fee for each festival entry per one category is US$ 385 or EUR 325. Cancellations of registered entries are not possible. Festival entries will only be returned when requested so in the entry form. Return fee per one festival entry is US$ 26 or EUR 22. Personal participation fee is US$ 330 or EUR 225 per person. Cancellations of registered participants are not possible. Payment of all fees must only be made in US$ or EUR by bank transfer, cheque or PayPal. All fees plus legal VAT (MwSt).

Fees as well as payments from outside Germany:

All fees are due immediately upon registration. Entry fees or any other fees are not refundable and are not subject to any legal appeal.


Submit entry form online, print out the form and send per fax to the festival office. Online-registrations have to be confirmed by signed fax. Send festival entries in one pre-paid package to the festival office. Collect package will not be accepted.

Festival entries from outside Germany:

Send entries by Air Mail or Air Courier. Any German Customs Duty or any handling-fee must be pre-paid by the entrant and any such fee is not accepted by the festival.

Please send your entries to:

c/o intermedia
Bellealliancestr. 54
D - 20259 Hamburg / Germany


Festival entries will be prejudged and Award-winners will be notified beforehand. The presence of the winning entrant at the Award-Giving-Ceremony in Hamburg/Germany is strongly desired.

The decisions of the jury are not contestable. Decisions of the jury and the festival Organization are final and not subject to any legal appeal.

Awards not being collected at the Award-Giving-Ceremony will be sent collect by Courier Service to the entrant (surface within the European community/Air outside the European community).


The festival reserves the right to reclassify festival entries into other categories where this is deemed appropriate. The festival does not accept any responsibility for festival entries which are classified in the wrong category or arrive at the festival office subsequent to the deadline specified. The festival's liability is confined to intent or grossly negligent conduct, which applies specifically in the event of loss or damage of an entry. The festival organisation does not accept any responsibility for the cancellation of the festival due to force majeure.


The festival reserves the right to compile entries on a "Festival Reel" or similar, also in processed form, and to distribute same on a medium deemed appropriate by the festival. This also applies to stills/images provided to the festival. The entrants transfer all rights appropriate in this context upon entrance of the festival entry to the festival. The festival reserves the right to use all recordings taken at the festival for any promotional purpose in any medium deemed appropriate by the festival. The festival reserves the right to exclude entries from the competition.

By entering a festival entry the entrant accepts all Rules and Regulations and also agrees to hold the festival harmless against all costs or claims of third parties arising from any such use by the festival or from false information by the entrant. Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Hamburg, Germany