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WorldMediaFestival thanks its distinguished sponsors and partners for their support:

With revenues of 91.1 billion US-Dollars in 2005, IBM is the largest provider of information technology (IT services, hardware and software), rental and financing worldwide, as well as the leader in on demand business solutions. The company has approximately 329,000 employees worldwide and operates in more than 170 countries. IBM Deutschland GmbH is a national company of the IBM Corporation and belongs to IBM Central Holding GmbH. With approximately 22,000 employees, one-quarter of them women, in approximately 40 branch offices, IBM Deutschland GmbH is the largest local company in Europe. In 2005, some 535 young people took part in training and educational programs at IBM. IBM today is the only IT company that supplies clients with a complete range of innovative information technology products, from hardware, software and services to complex application solutions, outsourcing projects and skills development. In Germany, the company's activities include IBM sales and services as well as numerous development tasks in the course of global company-internal division of labour.

Germanischer Lloyd
Germanischer Lloyd is to the forefront whenever it comes to testing, researching and continual improving safety-relevant factors. For about 140 years Germanischer Lloyd (GL) has been offering its services to the shipping industry and setting standards in technology, safety and quality. Over the years, the spectrum of services provided has steadily broadened so that GL ceased to be a pure ship classification society long ago and is now a globally operating technical monitoring group. The fields covered range from classical maritime requirements such as operational soundness analysis and anti-corrosion advice, to offshore and onshore installations to our facility services. As a genuinely global player and market leader in this segment GL offers first-class technical knowledge and expertise within a fast-reacting, flexible worldwide network. A workforce of around 3000 are at your service day and night in 173 offices in 75 countries, ready to offer individually tailored, practical solutions.

Focus enhancements, in Europe represented by Como GmbH, presents professional Media Asset Management Systems. ProxSys™ Media Server MAM-Systems are turn-key ready IT systems, used to ingest, archive, manage and playback digital media files. ProxSys MAM systems are modular, extendable and can store some thousand hours of high-resolution video clips. In addition to the video material, the system stores customer specific metadata with each file for better file management and effective retrieval. In particular, the system automatically generates low-resolution MPEG-4 preview files (proxy file). The stored files are accessed through an easy-to-use, web-based user interface with a search function and integrated video player for the low-resolution proxy files. The ProxSys Media Server offers extensive import and export modules for digitizing existing video clips or tape material and on for the distribution of processed files to video tape, DVD, or webformats.

Berentzen Group
The Berentzen Group is one of the leading drinks groups in Germany. The Company focus on their core brands Berentzen and Puschkin in volume segments of the spirits market as well as on the Vivaris brand in the refreshment market. Internationally, the Berentzen Group take advantage of growth opportunities with their core brands Berentzen and Puschkin. Brand cultivation and innovation as well as excellent and motivated employees form the basis for profitable and sustained growth for the Berentzen Group. In addition licence brands like Linie Aquavit or Licor 43 enjoy a high status within the Berentzen brand portfolio. Berentzen Group has specialised in drinks which provide fun and enjoyment – and in this way provide a taste of joy!

TORON Video & Multimedia in Hamburg is a leading service house for the AV industry. The fields of business are manifold: Replication and duplication of CD and DVD with an optional 24h express service, standard conversions in excellent broadcast quality PAL/NTSC to all established video systems like DigiBeta + SP, MPEGIMX, DVCPro50, D1. Videoediting and sophisticated DVD Authoring, up- and downscaling from HDV1+2, DVCPro HD and HDCAM, dedicated colour correction, capturing from tape to disc wit OSX and Vista platforms as well as playouts back to tape are just a few of the day to day tasks at TORON.

Japan Association of Audiovisual Producers, Inc.is the sole officially authorized organization of short film producers in Japan.
Members are active in the fields of education, culture, science, industry and communications through every genre of non-theatrical productions. The principle aims of JAAP are the continued improvement of education, cultural enrichment and economic development. For this purpose, JAAP, as a public organization, maintains activities to:


fat provides infrastructure solutions for companies aiming to make a successful transition from the industrial into the information age. fat focuses on fundamental infrastructure topics such as security, reliable hardware solutions, access on demand, virtualization and selected business software solutions like CRM or ERP.
Our success is build on the skill, knowledge and enthusiasm with which we create tailor-made solutions for each of our partners. We cultivate the networking approach as part of our ongoing effort to accurately match the solutions we provide with the needs of our customers demand.

A leading digital production- and posthouse for cinema, TV, multivision + Internet. Shooting on 35mm, 16mm, HDCAM-SR, digiBeta and HDV1080i. EFX and ONLINE on flame*, Combustion, Shake and Motion. Editing in all solutions on FinalCutPro (3 suites with tapeless workflow, 7 terrabyte in RAIDlevel5). ARCHIVE - Copies - Encoding - Decoding of all formats.

CP Wissen
CPWISSEN: your partner for video, audio, online, and print corporate media. We provide current news, background reports and Best Practices. A team of professional marketing and business communications experts are at your side for the constantly changing and evolving world of corporate TV, podcasts, online portals or client magazines, newsletters and industry journals. We help you to walk the path to success in today's corporate media. In our portal CPWISSEN.de you will find the latest in corporate communications development, where we show what accomplished national and international corporate media is all about today. CPWISSEN is a trademark of the dapamedien Verlag.

Being a full-service company SOGIDIA AG supplies the complete range of professional digital video asset management. By delivering costumer oriented services linked with state-of-the-art wideband infrastructures SOGIDA AG enables clients to fast and easily run a comprehensive management system for their complete video content without investing extra money or tying-up of resources. SOGIDIA AG provides the complete bandwidth from file format independent ingest, via native archiving to a platform independent distribution. The service portfolio of SOGIDIA AG addresses companies and organisations of all economic sectors. SOGIDIA AG is based in Cologne, Germany.