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To make sure that your entry has best chances at the competition, please follow the instructions given below:


Please fill in the entry form very carefully.
Once the entry form has been submitted, any changes are not possible.

Before completing the form please read the Rules & Regulations carefully.

Only complete in English or German language.

It is very important that you specify in detail the audience (target-group) the festival entry is intended for. The jury will attach special importance to the point, whether the festival entry has fulfilled its purpose by effectively communicating a message to the audience it has been produced for - as well as to the quality of the artistic and technical skills.

If you want to register multiple entries for one, the same festival entry, please fill in the entry form for each category, send a medium of the Festival entry for each category and pay the fee for each category. The fee for each festival entry per one category is US$ 385 or EUR 325.

Fill in forms, send online and then print out form, sign and fax to the festival office in Hamburg/Germany 49 (40) 43 50 09 to confirm registration.
From the US: 011-49-40-43 50 09

After submitting your online registration form you will find your invoice in your eMail letter box a few minutes later with all the details necessary to arrange payments.

VAT (MwSt) applies to all entrants: The German fiscal authorities regard the WorldMediaFestival as offering a "service". The place of the "service" is in Germany and therefore German tax rules have to be applied.
It is different though when the WorldMediaFestival sells items like duplicate awards, certificates etc - then the VAT for orders from outside Germany may be waived.