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The CINE International Film Festival in Washington DC, USA, and the WorldMediaFestival in Hamburg, Germany, are international "Partner Festivals". You benefit from a special agreement between CINE and the WorldMediaFestival.

Attention WorldMediaFestival Silver, Gold, Grand Awards and Grand Prix winners:

Winners of the WorldMediaFestival Silver, Gold-, Grand Award and Grand Prix Awards are now eligible to enter the CINE International film festival with a 20% discounted rate off the standard CINE entry fees - just send a copy of the WorldMediaFestival-certifi- cates together with the CINE-entry form.

CINE's next deadlines are February 1, 2009 for earlybird, and February 15, 2009 for final. August 1, 2009 for earlybird, and August 15, 2009 final.

Attention CINE Golden Eagle and Eagle winners:

With a copy of your CINE Golden Eagle or Pre-professional Eagle certificate you are eligible for a discount off the normal entry fee for the WorldMediaFestival.

The cost for CINE winners is now only -
US $ 250 (instead of US$ 470 normally) for each entry + $ 26 foreign check processing fee + VAT tax = $ 328,44. $ 26 return fee (optional) if you want your PAL format medium returned = $ 359,38.

All entries must be in PAL format (CD-ROM PC-compatible, DVD or VHS).

January 31, 2009 is WorldMediaFestival's next deadline for festival entries.

If you have any further questions about the WorldMediaFestival and your US entry, please feel free to contact our North American Representative:

Chris Kater

Mr. Chris Kater

Video Placement Worldwide
216 South Payne Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
phone 703-836-9797