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Hamburg, April 2009
2009 Award Winners Announced

End of March this years' award winners have been notified - please check your eMail letter box. So now is the time to plan to join the celebration!
The Screening Day Day together with the Digital Media Resource Centre before the Awards Ceremony in the evening gives you an unrivalled opportunity to see the work of other programme-makers - from other countries, with other techniques, on other subjects - no other Festival in Europe provides such a chance to expand your professional horizons in this way.


Hamburg, February 2009
New Categories for Historical Films

"If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development." Aristotle

WorldMediaFestival is now also offering additional categories for "historical" films which were produced before 1980. The new categories are:


Corporate Communications
Internal Communications
Public Relations
Sales Promotions



The history of the medium "Film" began with an "industrial film" in March 1895 in France when Louis Lumière showed a one minute film with the title "Workers Leaving The Lumière Factory". This film is generally regarded as the first film in the world and fulfilled all the main criteria of an industrial film up to the present day: providing relevant information about a business subject and commissioned and paid for by an enterprise. Watch the film and you start wondering whether the current trend to the one-minute film is a mere circling back to films' origins ...


Hamburg, February 2009
February 15 - Final Closing Date For Festival Entries

eMail-newsletter of February 03, 2009
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Hamburg, January 2009
Web TV | Corporate Film | Documentaries and more - -Global Call for Entries

eMail-newsletter of January 05, 2009
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Hamburg, December 2008
Another year . . .

Ho Ho Ho - please turn on the sound and sing along with this "swinging" Christmas card. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our friends around the world! Our offices will be closed December 23 through January 4. eMails will be read.


Hamburg, November 2008
global contest for Web TV | Corporate Film | Documentaries and more . . .

eMail-newsletter of November 18, 2008
Mailing 11/2008


Hamburg, October 2008
2009 WorldMediaFestival Now Open For Entries

eMail-newsletter of October 16, 2008
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Hamburg, September 2008
Showcase in Tokyo with WorldMediaFestival Award Winning Films

On December 11, 2008 the Tokyo Screenings will be held at the Jiji Press Hall. This annual event organised by the Japan Association of Audiovisual Producers is an international showcase for Best of Corporate Film from around the world. Each of the programmes is introduced with background information and screened in Japanese. The seminar-style meeting provides the attendees i.e. members of the association, professionals from the business and industry as well as the press with the opportunity to see the international trends in film making. The following 2008 WorldMediaFestival award winning titles will be presented in Tokyo :

Entrant: Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln, Germany
Production: Charon Film AB, Sweden

Entrant: Curious Pictures, South Africa
Client: Heartlines, South Africa

Entrant: Cineteam Mediaworks GmbH, Germany
Client: Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany

Entrant: Klaus E. Küster Werbeagentur GmbH, Germany
Client: Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Production: Fratelli Spirandelli Produktionsgesellschaft, Germany

Client: Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden
Agency: SCP Reklambyrå, Sweden

Entrant: DeCo Media Oy, Finland
Client: Aker Yards Finland, Finland

Client: Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden
Agency: A+A Corporate Design AB, Sweden

Entrant: MACKEVISION Medien Design GmbH, Germany
Client: DaimlerChrysler Corporation, USA



Hamburg, May 2008
We celebrate the winners - 9th WorldMediaFestival

Congratulations to all 2008 winners ! Thank you to all of you from around the globe who joined us and received the award during the gala for the award presentation - it is surely appreciated. Now please view the photos of all the events and also watch this online-trailer


Hamburg, April 2008
2008 Award Winners Announced

This years' award winners have been notified - please check your eMail letter box.
Come along and join us - the Screening Day together with the Digital Media Resource Centre before the Award Ceremony gives you an unrivalled opportunity to see the work of other programme-makers - from other countries, with other techniques, on other subjects. In addition, the social element of the Festival gives you the chance to meet and talk to other programme-makers, as well as those who commission the programmes.


Hamburg, February 2008
WorldMediaFestival 2008 late closing date

eMail-newsletter of February 6, 2008
Mailing 02/2008


Hamburg, January 2008
WorldMediaFestival 2008 Deadline Approaching

Learn about news and updates on the upcoming festival in our eMail-newsletter sent out January 10, 2008
Mailing 01/2008


Hamburg, December 2007
End of Year Information

December 24 through January 4 our offices will be closed. eMails will be read.
A big THANK YOU to all our friends and partners around the globe together with our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year.


Hamburg, November 2007
Call for Entries 2008

First week of November the mailing of the printed brochure Call for Entries 2008 takes place also introducing our new categories and new sponsors and partners. Please visit the relevant websites for further details and please contact us if you have any questions.


Hamburg, September, 2007
Publicity in Japan for WorldMediaFestival-Award Winners

Dec 12, 2007 in Tokyo:
The screenings of award winning WorldMediaFestival-films on December 12, 2007 are organized by the JAPAN ASSOCIATION OF AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCERS, INC. At the Jijitsuhin Hall in Tokyo members of the association as well as many guests from business and industry will come together for a seminar-style event to view the best international productions. Each film is introduced by the chairman of the association and is shown in Japanese language:

Entrant: Cundari Group Ltd. Canada
Client: World AIDS Conference, Canada

Entrant: Animech AB, Sweden
Client: Handisam, Sweden
Production: Webit Today AB / Animech AB, Sweden

Entrant: next step Filmproduktion GmbH, Germany
Client: Hilti AG, Liechtenstein

Entrant: Syndicat des Eaux d'Ile-de-France
Production: Video Planning, France

Entrant: Media Production Amigos Ltd., Finland
Client: LC Logistics Center Ltd, Finland

Entrant: De Kroon, Wissenraet & Associés B.V., The Netherlands
Client: Nolet Distillery, The Netherlands


Hamburg, September 2007
2008 Entries

WorldMediaFestival 2008 is now accepting entries. Please register your entries online.


Hamburg, August 2007
Online Marketplace launched

Publish your news, messages or requests - reach the global WorldMediaFestival community with the Marketplace-site.
For rates and conditions please contact us at communication@worldmediafestival.org


Hamburg, April 2007
2007 Award Winners Announced

This years' award winners have been notified on April 10 - please check your eMail letter box.


Hamburg, February 2007
WorldMediaFestival Late Closing Date and Key Note 2007

WorldMediaFestival - global competition for modern media
8th annual event May 8 + 9, 2007 in Germany's media metropolis Hamburg

www.worldmediafestival.org These sites have been re-launched -
please have a look and register your entries online today / Bitte melden Sie Ihre Beiträge heute online an

DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT - Key Note at WorldMediaFestival 2007
Read more further below


Worldwide broadcast and non-broadcast entries for the following categories are invited:

:: Advertising
:: Animation
:: Business TV / Inhouse TV
:: Children's
:: Corporate Communications
:: Corporate TV
:: Documentaries
:: Internal Communications
:: News
:: Public Relations
:: Sales Promotions
:: Short Films
:: Training

plus sub-categories

for the printed festival catalogue 2007
and remain in contact long after the event:

1 page / Seite A5 4c
210 mm high - 148,5 mm broad
open Quark-, Illustrator-file or eps.
300 dpi minimum 4c cymk.

Inside / Innenteil: € 495
Cover page 2 or 3 / U2 oder U3: € 695
plus 19% VAT / MwSt

The ready-to-print ad is needed latest by mid March. Die druckfertige Vorlage wird bis spätestens Mitte März benötigt.


At the WorldMediaFestival

The concept of the WorldMediaFestival stands for more interaction.

It is all about communication and information - and helps you, by talking to others, to establish where you stand in an increasingly complex media world quickly and in a practical way.

The Screening Day before the Ceremony gives you an unrivalled opportunity to see the work of other programme-makers - in other countries, with other techniques, on other subjects. Also attend the "Best Practice" presentations by media professionals for media professionals.

No other Festival in Europe provides such a chance to expand your professional horizons in this way.

In addition, the social element of the Festival, that starts with the opening Get-Together in the evening of May 8 and concludes after the Awards Ceremony with the Media Party, gives you the chance to meet and talk to other programme-makers, as well as those who commission the programmes.

Please plan now to join us in Hamburg.
We look forward to meeting you. Sincerely,

The WorldMediaFestival is an initiative by intermedia:

intermedia® provides you with the audiences for your av-messages, so that you reach your targets and target groups. No losses from scatter effect - your messages are specifically asked for by those who are interested in them. With a concept tested and proven.

Your informational film is the ideal medium to support your communications strategies. Why not give us a call? ++49+40+43 80 85

Key Note 2007
by Mr. Khosrow Rafiy, Managing Director of Dubidot GmbH, Germany

DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT - a solution by IBM Deutschland GmbH and Dubidot GmbH
Example Web based video archive: Providing film material for diverse target groups

In your company you might have hundreds of hours of expensively produced video footage, image videos, TV spots and promotional videos. Instead of having these lying around in old dusty cupboards wouldn't you like to be able to utilize their value for internal and external communications and have the ability to easily redeploy them in whatever format you need? You want to make your website more attractive; you want to display your latest TV ads throughout your business; your employees want to look at promotional videos and promotional material on their mobile phones and pass these on to potential clients; your image videos need to be put on DVD and handed out at trade fairs; your advertising agency needs video stock to cut new TV spots; moreover your marketing department needs to be able to search, find and preview videos and additional information (product descriptions, presentations, CAP drawings ) for their campaigns and the data has to be downloadable in broadcast quality formats and must be ready to be sent out to tape or DVD. There is a solution . . .

and how this could work for you will be demonstrated at WorldMediaFestival during the Screening Day in a practical hands-on approach by COMO Computer & Motion GmbH - ProxSys solutions enable you to cost-effectively optimize media asset management across your organization.


Hamburg, December 2006
WorldMediaFestival 2007 Call for Entries

page_news_4.jpgThe printed brochure 2007 Call For Entries should have reached you some time ago now. At the end of this year our offices will be closed Dec 25 through 29 and also Jan 1, 2007. eMails will be checked.
Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our friends around the globe!


Tokyo, December 14, 2006
Japan Association of Audiovisual Producers, Inc
Award-winning WorldMediaFestival films at seminar in Tokyo

Dear Ms. Cora Chinbuah,
We wish to have expressed our gratitude for your coming to the screening in Japan last year.
Mr. Takeshi Osuka, vice president of our association, died on March 6 this year. His death was a big severe wound for us. But his will is succeeded, an international committee was started up with new members. Mr. Kimio Ito, President of Image Science and Mitsuro Makiguchi, Managing Director of Image Science joined as members. Of course, we also have obtained the strong support of Ms. Emiko Okumura.

We are planning the screening of the Corporate film that received the high appraisal in Europe and the United States this year.
We have got the high appraisal from the participant every year because this kind of film doesn't have the chance to be open to the public in Japan besides this screening.

Best regards,
Tadashi Ohkubo

The annual Tokyo screenings including the following 2006 WorldMediaFestival award winning entries will be held December 14 at the Tokyo International Forum:


Hamburg, May 9, 2006
Forum "Film WORKS" Successful Investment in Corporate Films

Organiser and host is Hamburg@work http://www.hamburg-media.net/
in cooperation with

Experienced communications managers from substantial businesses talk about successful corporate film projects that received awards in 2005 at the WorldMediaFestival - global competition for modern media.

The forum is intended for

Communication films have differing and very special tasks to perform.
Concept and realisation have to be carefully agreed between commissioner and producer when complex messages are involved. The more exactly the effective communication of core messages is thought through and worked on, the more certain it is that the film will achieve its intended effect, and thus be of use to the commissioner.

Film success needs continuity and a strategic overview.
This Forum lets you look over the shoulder of successful communications managers, and provides information on

Uwe Jens Neumann, managing director of Hamburg@work e.V, in discussion with communications professionals


New York, January 24, 2006

Cora Chinbuah to judge at the New York Festivals
As a long-time member of New York Festivals' Board of Judges & Advisors for the Film & Video Awards Cora Chinbuah again will participate at the Grand Awards Judging Session in New York City on January 24, 2006. The awards presentation will be held on Friday, January 27th at the Hudson Theatre at the Millennium Broadway Hotel in Times Square.


Tokyo, December 7, 2005
Japan Association of Audiovisual Producers:
Award-winning WorldMediaFestival films at seminar in Tokyo


WorldMediaFestival goes East
The organisers of the WorldMediaFestival have travelled to Japan to introduce the concept of the Festival to the Japan Association of Audiovisual Producers, as well as to show some of the 2005 award winners.
The Association held its 8th annual seminar on 7th December 2005 at the Tokyo International Forum, where the topic of the event was "the best recently-produced international corporate films. The seminar was well attended, with an audience of around 150 members of the Association as well as other interested professionals.

Mrs Cora Chinbuah (founder and owner of the WorldMediaFestival) gave a presentation about the content and scope of international festivals: "Global competition is global communication". She also talked about the value and uses of audiovisual communications. The presentation had not only been translated from English into Japanese but was also presented in Japanese by Ms. Emiko Okumura, who is a member of the Distinguished Board of Advisors of the WorldMediaFestival.
Following the presentation, 10 international award-winning corporate films - 7 of them WorldMediaFestival winners - were shown, with Japanese subtitles, to the audience. The president of the Association introduced each film before screening, telling the audience about its producers, sponsors and the purpose of the production, as well as providing a short synopsis.