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ADDITIONAL VALUE provided for you at the WorldMediaFestival: On May 9, 2012 we celebrate the winners, but there is more: Participate at the presentations and workshops put together for you during the day, take home ideas, make new contacts, meet and greet clients and colleagues. After all - the WorldMediaFestival has been created to support the exchange of ideas and to inspire new creative media solutions. You are very welcome to participate (winner or not, entrant or not) at these WorldMediaFestival-events.

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May 9, Wednesday - 09:30 h - 15:00 h

Presentations | Workshop | Digital Professional Media Resource Centre Refreshments and light lunch provided.

Location for the Screening Day:
Chroma Film & TV GmbH & Co. KG | Entrance at Blue Hour
Lagerstrasse 34c | 20357 Hamburg
Tel +49 (0) 40-888 884-0 | By S-train S11/ S21/ S31 or U3: Station "Sternschanze" just 2 stops from the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (main station).

"Film WORKS" Successful Investment in Corporate Films

PROF. DR. TOBIAS HOCHSCHERF, University of Applied Sciences Kiel
will talk to experienced communications managers showing samples
of successful corporate film projects:

Deputy Head of Information, Parliament Information Office, Finland
introducing "PROLOGUE"
produced by Seppo Palminen, Smile Audiovisual Oy, Finland

Managing Director VITEC Multimedia Germany

"Ideas, Opportunities and Technology for Video in the Cloud"

Norman Schlomka has more than 20 years' experience of IT-based video and media solutions, including his current position working as product manager and managing director for the German office of VITEC Multimedia. Fifteen years ago, workstation-based non-linear editing systems were the original technology for digital video. They have been followed in recent years by inhouse server-based systems which are now moving towards the WEB-based cloud. Norman Schlomka will present some actual examples of usage and applications of the new cloud-based technology. More effective footage collection, efficient editing services and individual content distribution are just a few specific opportunities for the media industry. At the end, a technical part of the presentation will cover the technology's limits, which are mostly caused by network restrictions.


Adexar - Die neue Dimension
Sales Promotions: 3D Films
Entrant: STUMM-FILM Medien GmbH, Germany
Client: BASF SE, Germany
06 min German
Azoren 3D
Auf den Spuren von Entdeckern, Walen und Vulkanen
Entertainment: 3D Films
Entrant: BLUE NOTE PRODUCTIONS Film & TV GmbH, Germany
Client: KSM GmbH, Germany
100 min German

Workshop presented by Norbert Vander
"STEREOSCOPIC FILMING" Understand the fundamental concepts of the 3D world and how a system based on parallaxes and optics works.

Prof. Dr. Norbert Vander and Marc Briede will share their experiences of making award-winning S3D films all over the world with you:


Director and scriptwriter
Member of "Directors Club of America" Germany and BvR
Studies at New York Film School
Productions: Mainly corporate and advertising films


Stereoscopic Supervisor / 3D at
Chroma Film & TV GmbH

Details about the evening location will be announced at a later date.

Welcome to WorldMediaFestival in Hamburg -
we look forward to seeing you soon !